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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Aluminum Overcast: B-17 Flight Experience

Last week I treated myself to a once-in-lifetime-experience. I rode in Aluminum Overcast, a restored B-17G that is operated by EAA, the Experimental Aircraft Association. We took off from Hayward Executive Airport on a 30 minute flight up past Oakland, over Alcatraz and back across the bay. It was a great day for the flight--we spent a few minutes flying just above a thin marine layer, which offered a surreal experience. We also had enough broken cloud cover to see many of the sights below. The need to stay out of clouds and avoid other traffic meant we got to do a lot of turning, which was part of the fun.

I took along my trusty Canon PowerShot A95. Check out the QuickTime movie I created.

You can also see some of the pictures in my Picassa Web Album.

Aluminum Overcast



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