C-182Q N96934 at West Valley Flying Club

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Instrument Panel Lighting

To address recent confusion by renters, here is a short explanation of the panel lighting in the plane.

To my knowledge there has been no problem with the lighting in 96934. There was a squawk written in error several weeks back which I have been trying to clear up with maintenance.

When the avionics in 934 were upgraded by a previous owner, the traditional post lighting on each instrument was replaced with UltraVision glareshield lighting from Aero Enhancements. This lighting is an excellent alternative to the original lighting, but some members have been confused about the operation. The lighting is operated with a toggle switch below the transponder. There is also a dimmer control to the left of the switch. The switch has a normal on position as well as an emergency back up where it operates off of a 12v battery.

In addition to the glareshield lighting, some of the instruments do have their own internal lights, which are operated by the familiar panel rheostats below the primary instruments. There is also a maplight on the pilot side yoke which is on when he Nav lights are on. It has a rheostat control integral with the light.


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